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The MT50e is just one bold step in FCCC’s C.A.S.E. initiative, focused on meeting industry demand for more connectivity, assisted driving, safety and electric options. With the addition of the MT50e, Freightliner Custom Chassis offers a chassis for nearly every fuel type, including diesel, CNG, propane — and now, electric. A walk-in van powered by Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation offers increased productivity, better safety and proven fuel economy. It’s all about delivering more profit with the best walk-in van chassis on the road today.

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100% All electric FCCC Step Van MT50e

Body Walk-in Van Body Wheel Base: 178” Brakes: 4-wheel hydraulic disc Drive System: Zero-emission all-electric Driving Range: Up to 180-190 miles Power: 250 kW (350 HP) Peak Charging: Full charge in 3 hours with DC Fast Charging Startability: 22% grade at 19,500 lb GVW Cruising Speed: 68 mph at 19,500 lb GVW Regenerative Braking: Yes Operating Temperature: -40°F to 115°F

The future of step vans is all electric.

The all-new OptiView dash improves driver efficiency by providing real-time feedback with intuitive color coding. Its state-of-the-art interface includes active cruise control graphics, and drivers can use integrated steering wheel controls to customize their view and find vital information such as: • Driving Efficiency & Energy Usage • Energy Use Over Time • Battery & Range • Trip 1 Mileage • Trip 2 Mileage
  • Pick Up & Delivery
  • Utility
  • Engine Make :
  • Engine Model : All Electric
  • Fuel Type : Electric
  • Class : 6
  • GVWR : Up to 23,000 lbs.
  • Cabin Type : Chassis Only, Day Cab
  • Duty Type : Light Duty, Medium Duty

    Quick Notes:

  • Class 7/8 • 91,000
  • GVW • 260 to 450HP
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